Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Ben Nye Luxury Face Powders

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Hello my gorgeous readers! Oh how I've missed you all! I had my followers on Instagram take a vote on what they'd like my next blog post to be about. For some reason I had a feeling the Ben Nye Luxury Face Powders would win! I would have posted this sooner, but the batteries to my iMAC's keyboard decided to die! Hah, I was just too lazy to hit up WalMart to buy batteries. Finally I just ended up taking the batteries from my TV remote. Yes, I'm that lazy and no I am not ashamed.

Now lets jump right into things!
Behind the brand: 
-Ben Nye Makeup Company was created back in 1967 by mister Ben Nye himself. He was a world renowned makeup artist, working mainly in Hollywood films such as 'The King and I' (1956), 'Planet of the Apes' (1968), and even 'Gone with the Wind' (1939). After spending over four decades in the film industry, he retired and created the Ben Nye Makeup Company. As for today his son/CEO Dana, has been left in charge of a cosmetic line that has just recently became more notably famous due to you know who! Well come on, don't you know who? Kim Kardashian.. duh! Ben Nye Makeup Company isn't as big of a secret for the Hollywood celebrities and stars anymore! Makeup artists have been using these products for decades, but now it seems the world has not only gained access to these products but they've become just as addicted. Now before I get into the Ben Nye Luxury Face Powders I'd like to talk about one of Ben Nye's Colorless Face Powders.

Neutral Set Translucent Powder is a colorless powder that leaves the skin looking naturally smooth while minimizing the appearance of pores and uneven texture. It blends beautifully on anyone, from the fairest all the way to the deepest of skin tones. This product was formulated to help control perspiration/oils. If you ever wondered how dancers & people on stage keep their makeup in place the whole time, this is the miracle product! I love using this on my brides right before I hit the road. I can leave confidently, because I know their foundation will wear all through the night. Love it! My boss actually taught me a few tricks with this product that I will share with you all in another blog post! Something to look forward to!

What are the Ben Nye Luxury Powders?
-These powders were created to help neutralize/brighten any skin tone while leaving the skin with a soft/smooth matte finish. The texture of these powders feel absolutely amazing on the skin, and because they are micro-milled, they feel light and airy as well. It is almost as if you've put nothing on your face. These powders glide along your skin with ease leaving a soft-focus finish. Not only that, but it seems as though the product lasts a lifetime! You only need the teeny tiniest amount for your whole face, a little goes a long way.

Ben Nye Cameo Luxury Powder is a translucent pink/beige color. Anytime you see the color pink think brightening. If you feel as though your skin looks very sallow (almost sickly) or if you have an uneven complexion due to hyper pigmentation, scarring; OR! you've been blessed with dark circles under the eye area. Cameo will give you a slight brightening/evening effect without feeling like you are caking on a heavy powder on top of your foundation. I prefer to use this powder on fair-medium skin tones.

Ben Nye Banana Luxury Powder is a translucent beige color with yellow tones. Opposite to yellow on the color wheel is purple. Any color opposite to another color on the color wheel will help to neutralize. When you think about Kim Kardashian's infamous obsession with this product, you have to think about where she applies it most. She applies this powder under her eyes to set her concealer. What is a skin concern that the majority of us suffer from under the eye area. I'll give you a hint: it has to do with descent, aging, lack of sleep, and can even be hereditary. You guessed it, the fabulous unconditionally loved DARK STINKIN' CIRCLES! Purple/blue/red. We all experience this a time or two in our life, hah! The yellow will help to brighten and neutralize the darkness. Personally I feel this powder works really well on anyone from light to medium/deep skin tones. Anyone extremely fair I would go with the Cameo Powder under the eyes. Not many fair/freckled people can pull off the yellow JUST under the eyes,  because the rest of their face is most likely cool toned. Cool undertones will be able to wear this powder ALL OVER, but not in just one specific area. This will help warm up the complexion subtly. DO NOT apply it just under your eyes if your skin is more cool toned or it will look extremely unnatural. I will go over how to determine undertone/surface tone in another blog post.

Ben Nye Beige Suede Powder is a translucent beige with brown tones. This color looks great on ALL skin tones. Now you must think I am absolutely crazy! I don't know about you lovely readers, but I try to keep my face out of the sun. Especially during the spring/summer months. Gotta stay young! My face is ALWAYS lighter than the rest of my body. This color is the perfect all over warmth to set your foundation. Deeper skin tones benefit from this powder as well. Many setting powders out there leave deeper skin tones looking ashy due to the lack of warmth in the product. If those types of products are applied incorrectly it will look even scarier! Products that cause a white/gray cast to the skin are most likely not milled to a fine enough state.

Now carrying around these four huge powders in my kit, wasn't my idea of a good time. I knew it would be a waste of valuable space. I came across this Stackable Empty Power Jar with sifters for only $6.00 USD on the MakeupCreations website. I love it, it saves so much space and makes these powders travel-friendly. Now the prices of the Luxury Face Powders have just recently gone up, but I feel they are still completely worth it! You get so much product, it lasts you forever, and they look absolutely amazing on the skin. Try it for yourself! xo.


  1. Thank you so much for this post!

  2. What a great post!! I have tried the original Neutral set, but not the Luxury's... this makes me want too! Especially the Banana. :)

    Sarah| Beauty and Lemonade xo

  3. I am extremely, extremely pale and wear a neutral shade of foundation and was wondering which color would be good for me.

  4. There are so many products of powders and it is very interesting to see that you have mentioned all its quality and brand in a systematic way. Now I have also got more ideas form this blog. Thanks for the post.Luxury Skin Care Products

  5. I tried the Banana powder ages ago and couldn't decide on it.
    I'm thinking of re-ordering though. It's so hard to get a good highlight on pale skin I think, or at least when I look at my own face I feel that way.

    Light/Medium skin, would you recommend the Banana?


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